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Are you looking for a comfortable family house or apartment in The Hague?
You can do this yourself, but pay attention! The offer is large, the prices vary enormously and there are many legal issues that play. The search for a suitable rental property is a time-consuming and specialized process. This may mean that you may overlook a suitable home, or that you are going to rent a property against bad conditions!

We do this for you

Enlist Wolters Housing for a search and we will find the ideal rental property for you and take all your worries off your hands. What can you expect from us?

  • We make an inventory of your wishes and requirements.
  • We keep new offers for you every day, both with other brokers and with private individuals.
  • If we find a home that meets your criteria, you will immediately receive the data.
  • Together we look at the property and we advise you on the rent and legal matters.
  • We conduct the negotiations on your behalf.
  • We check the rental agreement and guide you through the inspection.
  • We work on a no cure - no pay basis.


Search for a rental home

By submitting your search you agree with our registration conditions and in the principle you entered into an agreement with Wolters Housing. For this service we charge one-off costs equal to one month rent excl. 21% VAT, to be paid for the key transfer. We work on a no cure - no pay basis.

How does viewing of a house work:

After you have made an appointment for a viewing you can view the apartment on the set time and date. One of the employees of Wolters Housing will accompany you on this viewing.

If you like to rent the house we need the following documents

  • Copy of your identification, visa or residence permit. Of course these documents will be treated with the utmost privacy. Please look at the privacy statement on our website.

  • Copy latest pay slip, income tax return, balance sheet. With the information on the pay slip we can determine if you receive enough income to rent the apartment. We will also determine if the apartment will suit your personal situation. Normally we state that you can spend 1/3 of your gross income on housing. Some apartment owners might be stricter or might have other demands concerning your personal situation.

  • Contract of employment. This will show that you are really working at the company you indicated. When the contract of employment starts after you have agreed to rent the apartment and you haven’t received a pay slip yet, a contract stating the salary you will receive, will do as well.

Note: If you have an income below €800,-, you have to get someone who earns more than € 800,- to sign a guarantee for you. Students will always have to get a signed guarantee. The person that signs the guarantee must hand over the above documents


Visit our website frequently. Depending on the time you have to find housing; it is a good idea to visit the Wolters Housing website a few times a week. Here you can always see our latest offers on housing.


Registration at Wolters Housing is completely FREE OF CHARGE You can register. Of course you can also register at one of our agencies.

If you really want to find an apartment through Wolters Housing, you will have to register at Wolters Housing. Your registration will be valid for 3 months.

When you actually find an apartment through Wolters Housing and the mediation is complete, the agency will charge yout an amount of € 295,= exclusive VAT as an administrative fee/ contract costs/ broker costs. In particular situations the client will not be charged any costs by the real estate agent. On the website www.woltershousing.nl you can read which charges are charged for a particular apartment.


If you have interest in our services or do you want to know more about the possibilities, please contact office.

Wolters Housing "Housing Professionals". Call now 070-3615080 or mail info@woltershousing.nl for free information.

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