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Temporary living accommodation for you ar your employees?

Wolters Housing is specialized in assisting expatriates who are looking for temporary accommodation.

Based on your wishes and our years of experience we select, together with you, a number of residences from the many we have on file. One of our staff members will accompany you during your viewings.
You may visit as many addresses as you wish.

Once you have found an abode that is to your liking, we take care of the rest. After all, you have plenty of other matters to think about. Negotiations as to lease price, term of notice, contracts? Agreements on the maintenance of house and garden? By the time you put the key in the lock, everything is settled.

Fully or partly furnished
Most homes we have on file are fully furnished, from carpets and curtains, lights and lamps, chairs and sofas to linens, cutlery and pots and pans. You may also opt for a partly furnished residence with carpeting, lighting, curtains and kitchen equipment.

Short and long term leases !!!!!

Lease price
From 400 tot 10,000 euro per month.

Only when you rent a house by Wolters Housing we charge you € 295,= excl,. VAT or nothing.

No cure, no pay

We charge no registration fee. Should we not find what you are looking for, no bill will be forthcoming.

Popular Housing Areas for Expatriate Families in and around The Hague:

Voorschoten c.14km from The Hague 15-20 minutes driving time
Wassenaar c.10km from The Hague 15-20 minutes driving time
Leiden c.18km from The Hague 35-40 minutes driving time
Voorburg adjacent to The Hague 15-20 minutes driving time
Rijswijk adjacent to The Hague 15-20 minutes driving time
Leidschendam adjacent to The Hague 15-20 minutes driving time
Statenkwartier & Scheveningen (convenient for French School, German School)

Especially popular for singles, couples and also for families with children in centrally located schools. The Statenkwartier is a stylish area with lots of charm. Here you will find older homes/ apartments with big rooms and high ceilings. Good shop, deli stores cafes and restaurants are to be found on Statenkwartier’s main street Frederik Hendriklaan or “The Fred” as the locals call it. Scheveningen is a mix of the old and new style. The seaside promenade with restaurants and shops is a major tourist destination. Public transport by tram/bus is good.

Benoordenhout (convenient for the Haagsche School Vereniging HSV)
Near city centre and walking distance to the Shell offices and well located for public transport by bus. Popular for expatriates of many nationalities – families or couples.

Voorburg & Leidschendam (convenient for The British Junior School at Mariahoeve)
Reasonably convenient for the Shell offices in Rijswijk. Here you will find a generous sprinkling of expatriates of a variety of different nationalities. Good public transport system.

Wassenaar (convenient for The American School)
A village with typical Dutch charm, popular with the diplomatic community. The preferred location for families with children at the American school, also popular for the British Senior School in Voorschoten. Houses range from modest to palatial, but expect to pay more than in most other areas. Very densely populated with expatriates! No train service, regular bus service. Shell offices in The Hague and Rijswijk are easy to get to by car.


On the Dutch market we use an Estate Agent (a Makelaar) when buying or renting accommodation. On the rental market a distinction is made between fully furnished, partly furnished and unfurnished accommodation. Discuss with your us whether you seek furnished, partly furnished or unfurnished property. Most partly furnished properties have cooker, fridge, washing machine and tumble dryer as standard items included. Curtains and carpets may or may not be included in the deal. If unfurnished, light bulbs and light switches may even be removed! It is our job to help you find a suitable home and also to negotiate the rent on your behalf. In return you will have to pay a fee, which can be up to one month’s rent. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the fees as you may be asked to sign an agreement.

Ideals and expectations often have to be compromised, but no Expatriate has ever been left homeless by not finding somewhere suitable to live! Time and patience are needed, in large doses, to succeed in finding a house that will eventually become your home.

When buying a property it is recommended to use our company. We will not just show you a property; we will recognize the strengths and weaknesses in a potential purchase. Overall costs of a house (incl. the makelaars fee) are about 10% of the purchase price (kosten koper). Agree the makelaars fee before you start looking at houses!

Be aware: A verbal “yes” is legally binding, both for renting or buying a property.


If you have interest in our services or do you want to know more about the possibilities, please contact office.

Wolters Housing "Housing Professionals". Call now 070-3615080 or mail for free information.

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