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About us

Wolters Housing is a well known organisation which able to offer a fast and qualitatively high standing service if it concerns conciliation at rentals, management and sale of houses.

Personal attention to our clients is standing central our service. We are faithful to the human treatment which typifies our office already a lot of years. Our team of specialists stands than 25 years guarantor already more for expert recommendation and accompaniment in the field of real estate, management, value provision, mortgages and insurance. Wolters Housing is also specialized in furnished and partly furnished accommodation for shorter and longer periods.


Our Team





Boris coms from a family of entrepreneurs and brings this with him in his way of work. Efficient, always available, to the point, friendly and patient are a few of his qualities. Playing football is his hobby but a drink after sports with the guys is part of the game and something he enjoys. Always in for fun but always serious regarding his work. Boris listens to the wishes of the customer and immediately takes that into effect.




Always on the move and with 100% focus working on the sale of your property or interesting property investment. If Mike is not moving around for his work, he does so in sports. Crossfit, surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing are a few of his many passions. Started in real estate in 2001 and from that day under the spell of the dynamics of the real estate business. Every day is a challenge and always searching for solutions. He aims for happy customers. Working with relationships for years but also meeting new people every day makes the job interesting and great to do. In the past successfully fulfilled many studies and has experience working in different fields. Driven, passionate, excited and decisive are a few of his characteristics.




The stable factor within the company. Multifunctional, has a lot of knowledge regarding real estate and is the person that has all the answers to the questions. Currently responsible for our property management portfolio and does this with 100% accuracy and knowledge. Even if Natascha is not working she is always busy. Walking her dog, kitesurfing, wave surfing and Crossfit are a few of her many hobbies. She might of well been a chef in the kitchen as she makes the nicest and most tasteful food. Natascha has years of experience within real estate and this makes her indispensable. Always up to date of new rules and regulations and keeps unfolding herself by attending new studies. Full of energy, sometimes strong is her opinions and always to the point.



Ollie is the senior of our office. Not active but always around. Not the youngest, can be lazy but always sweet. From his basket dreaming and looking outside. Enjoying the view and awaiting for his daily walk with Natascha. Old but not retired.

At Wolters Housing you can count on a very pleasant and personal treatment. Wolters Housing has a lot of houses to offer which ensures that there daily new houses available. The data of these houses become day still the same by our employees compared to the wishes of tenants or purchasers.

Whether it concerns buy, sale, hiring, rent out, management a an appraisal or ours FREE and without engagement value provision for sale rent decision. In our tasks are informal and a transparent service standing central. Also services belong to the possibilities, for example in that situation that the house you have seen by yourself but you exclusively wants that our office will do the negotiation. This efficient way of work makes it possible to work rapidly for you. Because of this we are able our offer conciliation activities against a similar lower tariff. And you pay just if you have succeeded, therefore No Cure, No Pay.


Wolters Housing works exclusively with official contracts. With that its your interests served as a tenant / landlord the bests.

The advantages of Wolters Housing on a file: Efficient treatment personal accompaniment official contracts No cure no pay

The advantages of Wolters Housing:

  • Efficient approach
  • Personal guiding
  • Official contracts
  • Low intermediary rates
  • Necessary insurances
  • No cure no pay


If you have interest in our services or do you want to know more about the possibilities, please contact office.

Wolters Housing "Housing Professionals". Call now 070-3615080 or mail info@woltershousing.nl for free information.

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