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Buying a property is exciting, whether it is your first time, or if you have done it many times.

When viewing, you are often faced with selling agents who only have the interests of the seller at heart.

  • What should you be aware of?
  • What is a property worth?
  • What should you ask?
  • To get advice and the answers to your questions, it is always advisable to deploy your own independent advisor who is 100% on your side.

Where you may possibly be susceptible to the pressure of the current market, we always remain rational. This allows us to prevent you from buying anything that will give you an unwanted surprise.

If you opt for Wolters Housing, you will always be the first to be informed of the latest properties on offer that match your specific wishes. During the viewings we will join you to critically assess the condition of the property. Because you do not want to encounter unexpected issues with moisture or the building subsiding. We also advise you on how to create added value. We will negotiate on your behalf if you wish to buy the property. And if we reach an agreement with the seller we will go through the purchase agreement before we proceed to the notary for the signing. Are there still problems or questions after the purchase? You can always count on us. We are and will remain your fixed point of contact for all your questions and queries.

Wolters Housing works on the basis of no cure no pay; you pay nothing if we are unable to find you a property. Obviously, you have the choice to purchase only a part of our service. For example, if you already have your eye on a particular property where you want us to take over the negotiations, this is certainly possible.


If you have interest in our services or do you want to know more about the possibilities, please contact office.

Wolters Housing "Housing Professionals". Call now 070-3615080 or mail info@woltershousing.nl for free information.

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