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Before someone can sell their home, there are a lot of proceedings done on the inside and outside of the home to ensure that everything is in order. This is a logical step to take. By investing a little extra into your home, you can ask for a higher price.
How do you determine the value of your home in Schiedam? You can choose to get your home appraised to know the exact value, but there are often more costs involved. 
Wolters Housing can determine an estimated value of your current home for free with the home value test. 


Schiedam is located in the province South Holland. It is a true historical city, south of Rotterdam and north of Vlaardingen. Living in Schiedam is a dream, especially when you're into history, art and culture. 
The city is worldly known for their Gin, the historical city center with beautiful premises and canals and the highest mills in the world. On top of that, the city counts a lot of sights with a historical background. Also, you can find a lot of museums here. 
The housing market in Schiedam is very diverse. Apart from the historical premises, the city also consists of detached houses, terraced houses, high-rise houses and semi-detached houses. 

Selling my house in Schiedam

Living in the characteristic city Schiedam is not a punishment. There are plenty of people who prefer to live in a smaller city with a beautiful environment just like Schiedam.
Your home will go through a specific selling process. Most of the time, an real estate agent is called in when selling a home. Do you want to sell your home with guidance from a estate agent? Then it is important to determine what you're exactly searching for. Wolters Housing supports you from start to end, even after the sale. 

What is my house in Schiedam worth?

Before your home is put on the market, the right price should be determined. This can be done by calling in a real estate agent or by consulting the land register. However, there are still costs involved. 
Wolters Housing can give you a free estimated value. By performing the home value test, you'll know within five minutes the estimated value of your home. The value is determined based on specific data about the housing type, the adress and the location, 

Click here for the home value test.


If you have interest in our services or do you want to know more about the possibilities, please contact office.

Wolters Housing "Housing Professionals". Call now 070-3615080 or mail info@woltershousing.nl for free information.


If you have interest in our services or do you want to know more about the possibilities, please contact office.

Wolters Housing "Housing Professionals". Call now 070-3615080 or mail info@woltershousing.nl for free information.

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