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5 reasons to contact us for the sale of your home

Planning to sell your house in The Hague? We know from experience that the process of selling a home often turns out to be not as simple as the seller thought. In this blog you will find five reasons to contact and allow Wolters Housing to be your sales agent.


A licensed sales agent like Wolters Housing knows the local housing market like no other and is familiar with regulations in the region. Choosing a local broker to whom you can confidently trust the sale of the house will help you sell the house exactly as you wish.

We take all the work off your hands

Because we know what needs to be done to reach an agreement, we can effectively guide you in selling a home. A real estate agent acts as a bridge between buyers and sellers, so you don't have to do this on top of your daily work!

Effective communication

For an optimal sale many brokers work with a fixed sales team. At Wolters Housing you have one contactperson and broker in the sale of your home. This way a careful continuity of the sales process and communication is guaranteed.

Large network

Wolters Housing has the right connections to bring supply and demand together. We have extensive experience with the housing market and know the right way to bring your home to the attention of potential buyers.

Professional negotiators

Negotiating the price of your home is a skill in itself. A real estate agent represents your interests, is not emotionally involved and therefore has a professional and good negotiating position.

Are you planning to sell your house or flat? Then let Wolters Housing in The Hague advise and guide you. Selling your house or flat must go perfectly and Wolters Housing offers you its professional services as your broker to sell.



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